Promotional Desk Calendars

Promotional Desk Calendars are becoming increasingly popular because people like to keep a calendar close to their work station and a desk calendar fits conveniently underneath a PC monitor. Promocalendars offer three different categories of promotional desk calendars namely; commercial, pictorial and bespoke desk calendars. Commercial desk calendars are very inexpensive and suitable for volume mail-outs. Pictorial desk calendars offer stunning professional imagery and we have many titles to choose from. Finally, if you choose from our bespoke range you can use our desk calendar templates and then you can choose pictures from our copyright free image library, or even supply your own! We can even highlight your own special dates.

How To Buy Advertising Desk Calendars from Promocalendars

1. Select your preferred pictorial desk calendars, commercial desk calendars or bespoke desk calendars by clicking on the links below which will take you to the calendar collections and from there go to the desk calendar category.
Reeve Pictorial Desk Calendars. 7 titles to choose from.
Brunel Pictorial Desk Calendars. 17 titles to choose from.
Rose Pictorial Desk Calendars. 16 titles to choose from.
Aston Commercial Desk Calendars. 15 styles of commercial desk calendars to choose from.
Aston Bespoke Desk Calendars. 19 styles of bespoke desk calendars to choose from.
Shipping Desk Calendar. Tri-monthly shipping calendar in a handy desk format.
2. If choosing bespoke desk calendars then select your pictures from our image library (or supply your own). Please note our minimum order for custom desk calendars order is 50 units.
3. Place your advertising desk calendars order. We will contact you for your advert details and produce a free proof for your approval before we print your desk calendars.

Top Selling Desk Calendars from Promocalendars

Shipping Desk Calendar 605 from Aston

Shipping Desk Calendar 605 from Aston
Price: From £3.33
  • Front and rear advertising area for a big impact.
  • Size: 105 x 192mm.
  • Advertising area: 95 x 40mm (front) / 95 x 182mm back.
  • All advertising is printed in full cmyk colour.
  • All our shipping calendars are supplied inserted into mailing cartons.
  • Free carriage on all shipping calendars.

  • Commercial Desk Calendar 760 from Aston

    Desk Calendar 760 from Aston
    Price: From £1.57
  • Clear easy to read date pad with previous and following months to view.
  • Size: 232 x 148mm.
  • Advertising Area: 210 x 35mm top. 210 x 15mm bottom.
  • All Aston commercial calendars include mailing envelopes.
  • Free carriage on all Aston titles.

  • Commercial Desk Easel Calendar 450 from Aton Calendars

    Desk Calendar 450 from Aston
    Price: From £4.86
  • PVC daily desk easel calendar with an integral strut.
  • Size: 170 x 112mm.
  • Advertising Area: 74mm x 90mm.
  • All Aston commercial calendars include mailing envelopes.
  • Free carriage on all Aston promotional calendars.

  • C72 Wild Planet Desk Calendar from Reeve

    C72 Wild Planet Desk Calendar from Reeve
    Price: From £5.53
  • The incredible natural wonders of our planet and the fascinating creatures that inhabit it.
  • 12 Pages plus cover
  • Wirobound.
  • Size: 148 x 280mm.
  • Advertising Area: 35 x 260mm.
  • All Reeve titles include mailing envelopes.

  • British Retreats Desk Calendar from Brunel.

    Britain In View Desk Calendar from Brunel
    Price: From £3.35
  • A winning photographic combination of our nation's capital city.
  • 12 Pages plus cover.
  • Wirobound.
  • Size: 145 x 280mm.
  • Advertising Area: 30 x 252mm.
  • Includes Insertion into Board envelopes.

  • Bespoke Desk Calendar Template A from the Aston

    Bespoke Desk Calendar Template B  from Aston
    Price: From £2.56
  • 12 Pages plus optional cover.
  • Wirobound.
  • Size: 142 x 152mm.
  • Advertising Area: 130 x 27mm.
  • Picture area: 120 x 72mm.
  • Includes Insertion into mailing envelopes.